IMG_4673[1]Harvest’s outreach begins at home and stretches across the globe. While we are strong supporters of several overseas missionaries, we believe outreach needs to start here in our own community and in our own country. Harvest supports local ministries such as Options Pregnancy Clinic, Faith Community Health, Jesus Was Homeless, and Kids Across America with our gifts of finances and volunteer service.

wakpala 2010Wakpala, SD

Harvest sends a team each year to the Standing Rock Reservation near Mobridge, South Dakota, where we partner with Sioux Assembly of God Church on the reservation. In June our mission team takes an annual trip to the Standing Rock Reservation.  This trip included a work project as well as VBS for the kids, meals for the community, worship and fellowship.

Wakpala 2015

Wakpala 2014

Wakpala 2013


Zaragoza, Mexico

Beginning in 2009  we sent our first team to Zaragoza, Mexico and have made subsequent trips.  We have been committed to helping the pastor serve not only the Divino Salvador church but also other churches he travels to.  We’ve been able to help him secure a newer truck to meet the needs of rough long road trips.  We are excited to see the incredible work God is doing in this and neighboring communities through the Divino Salvador church members and pray that, by God’s grace, Harvest will be able to continue to provide encouragement and support to the people of Zaragoza.

You can see a video of the Ortiz family’s visit to Zaragoza at Zaragoza Visit.

Harvest also supports several overseas missionaries and has sent out many of “our own” on short term trips.  We are excited to see the many ways God is working through Harvest as we seek to be a part of His mission! It is the desire of Harvest to follow the geographic pattern of Acts 1:8 in its missional outreach:

“in Jerusalem (locally), Judea and Samaria (regionally), and to the ends of the earth (globally).”

Sunday Morning Schedule

  • 9:00 AM - Corporate Worship *
    • * Nursery and Children's Classes Available
  • 10:30 AM - Food & Fellowship
  • 10:45 AM - Equipping Hour *